A new event for Southern California! The Silverado show incorporates a little bit of everything. This is a 3-day event opening up to campers on Friday morning, with activities including a chili cook-off, Coleman workshop and lantern walk. Sunday will host a Car Show along with live music, raffle, food trucks and awards. This is truly planned to be a fun event for the whole family, and we hope to have a little something for everyone. We are still early in the planning phase, so please check back for updates over the next few weeks. Thanks!


 Photos of the Venue 

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Friday - March 29, 2019
Gates open  10:00am - 7:00pm


Saturday - March 30, 2019
Gates open  9:00am - 7:00pm
Lantern Workshop  1:00pm
Chili Cook Off  2:00pm
Lantern Walk 6:00pm

Sunday - March 31, 2019
Gates open  8:00am - 2:00pm
Band Plays  9:00am
Food Trucks Arrive  11:00am
Raffle  1:00pm
Car Show Awards  2:00pm

Schedule still being updated,
 times and events could change.

Please keep checking back for updates.


Friday Vehicle Entry = $40

Saturday Vehicle Entry = $30

Sunday Vehicle Entry = $20

**Vehicle Entry Includes**
-Driver admission
-Swap Meet
-Car Show

Passengers & Walk-In Spectators = $10 
Good all weekend
(Kids 12 and under free)

Spectator Parking = FREE 
(Located just outside the park)

Vendor Space $150
(Please call or email our offices to reserve a Vendor Space)

**More information below**



Oak Canyon Park
Blue Diamond Haul Rd.
Silverado, Ca. 92676

Google Map

Printable Map

Oak Canyon Park is located right next to Irvine Lake just one mile off Santiago Canyon Road. It's the perfect location for a "Camping and Car Show" event, with huge green grass fields and lots of shady trees.  



 Camping Info 

Camping will open Friday morning to all participants at 9am

Although we prefer that you bring a VW, we will have a designated area for non-VW Camping and Swap as well. 

No reservations
Camping and swap spaces are first come first serve.

Pulling a small camping or tent trailer behind 
your VW is not only OK, but encouraged!

We will have a strict curfew in place, along with 24hr security onsite. Quiet time will be between 10pm-6am. During this time please refrain from using any generators or loud stereos. We are not against anyone having a good time, but please be respectful of your fellow campers.

 Also no wood burning fires of any kind. Gas/propane powered heaters, stoves, BBQ's and lanterns are perfectly acceptable. If you plan on bringing your dog, they must be on a leash at all times and please remember to always pick up after them

Check the schedule above for activities we have planned.

 Car Show Info 

We will be having a Car Show on Sunday open to any and all Volkswagens. Cars will be parked on the grass as they enter. If you plan on coming with a group or club, please make sure you all arrive together, and get in line together. We will do the best we can with the room we have to get everyone parked where they need to be.
We will have awards for the "Top 10 Participant picked" as well as awards for the following:

- Best Off-Road Vehicle
- Oldest Car
- Best Advertising Vehicle
- Best Paint
- Best Represented Car Club
- Longest Distance Driven
- Best Patina
- Best Accessories
- Best Engineered
- Best of Show

If anyone in the camping area wants to park over in the Car Show area Sunday, no problem :) 


 Event Rules 

- Gate closed from 8pm-8am, no entry
- No wood burning fires allowed
- Gas/Propane heaters, stoves, BBQs and lantern OK
- Dogs on a leash at all times
- Restrooms onsite, no showers
- Quiet time 10pm-6am, no generators or loud music
- No maintenance on vehicles allowed inside the park
- No skateboards or motorized scooters. Bicycles OK
- 5mph speed limit inside the park. 
- No "Cruising" allowed
- Security onsite all weekend
- Respect your fellow Camper :)


 Chili Cook-Off Info 

Saturday afternoon will host a Chili Cook-Off. This is open to anyone who wants to participate, and it does not cost anything to enter. If you want to be a "judge", there will be a $3 taster fee and each judge will vote for their one favorite chili. There will be awards for the winner and runner-up, and all proceeds will be donated to Orange High School.

For more info please email: linksteardrops@gmail.com

 Swap / Vendor Info 

Swap Meet Spaces are for Private Parties selling "used" parts only. You can Swap directly from your camping space for no extra charge. Swap Spaces are on a first come first serve basis. A swap spot at Silverado is included with your vehicle entry fee at no additional charge. 

Vendor Spaces are for Companies selling "new or used" merchandise. Each space is $150, aprox 15x20 and will include a pass good for one (1) vehicle and two (2) spectators.. Any additional tickets can be purchased at the front gate for $10 each

 VTO Raffle 

Big thanks to the VTO bus club for heading our raffle at Silverado. We will have some great items being donated to the raffle, so please be sure to buy your tickets!

The raffle will be held on Sunday at noon, located right at our main stage near the food court. All the proceeds will be given to charity, including #RandarStrong for our dear VW bother Randee Randar who passed away in early 2018.

Thank you to everyone's donations! 


Support the people who support the hobby!