After visiting events in Germany like Bad Camberg and Hessisch Oldendorf, we wanted to bring an old German atmosphere together with strictly Vintage Volkswagens. The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California is a true "old school" German Cultural Club, as well as the perfect host for an event like this. The So Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to 1961 and earlier "small taillight" Beetles and Busses, 1959 and earlier "low light" Karmann Ghias, Military Vehicles and early coachbuilts. Our first event held in September 2007 turned out to be a big success, and the plan is to hold it every other year opposite the Solvang Vintage Meet put on by the Golden Gate Chapter of the VVWCA. So if you have an old VW collecting dust in the garage and you want to show it off, or if you're just looking for an excuse to have an authentic German Bratwurst and beer... the So Cal Vintage Treffen is just the place for you.

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Saturday - September 14, 2019
Speedwell Rallye

Starting line at Wolfsburg West in Corona
First Car off the line @ 10am
$20 per vehicle to enter 
Participants will receive the limited edition Rallye Plate
Finish line Cook's Tire & Tune in Orange.

Wolfsburg West
2850 Palisades Dr
Corona, Ca. 92880

Cook's Tire and Tune
420 W. Lincoln Ave
Orange, Ca. 92865
If you can't make the rallye, cruise by Cook's around noon!

Your last chance to pre-register for the $60 deluxe entry will 
be Saturday afternoon between 3pm-6pm. 
You can also check-in and pre-stage your car.


Sunday - September 15, 2019
(date to be announced later)

7th International

Car Show/Vendor Gate opens @ 6:00 am
Spectator Gate opens @ 7:30 am
Show Judging ends, Ballots due @ 11:00 am
German Dancers and Entertainment @ 1:00 pm
Car Show Awards @ 3:00 pm



Spectator Admission $10 
(kids 12 and under free)

Deluxe Car Entry $60
(includes car and driver + 1 passenger)

Standard Car Entry $20
(includes car and driver)
Passengers +$10

Swap Spot $40
(Includes car and driver)
Truck + Trailer = 2 spots $80
Passengers +$10

Vendor Spot $150
(Includes 1 vehicle and 2 people)
Truck + Trailer = 2 spots $300

**More information below**


The Phoenix Club
1340 S. Sanderson Avenue
Anaheim, California 92806
(714) 563-4166

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 Hotel Info 

Here are a list of Hotels within 2 miles of the Phoenix Club

Ayres Hotel - Anaheim
2550 E. Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA  92806

Reservation Information:
Call (714) 634-2106

Towne Place Suites
1730 S. State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA  92806

Reservation Information:
Call (714) 939-9700

 Extended Stay America
1635 W. Katella Ave
Orange, Ca. 92867

Reservation Information:
Call (714) 639-8608

 Swap / Vendor Info 

Swap Meet Spaces are for Private Parties selling "used" parts only. Swap spaces are on a first come first serve basis.
A swap spot at the Treffen is $40 per vehicle and includes driver admission. Trailer = 2nd vehicle
If you are a business or shop selling new or used parts, you will need to get a Vendor space.

Vendor Spaces are for Companies selling "new or  used" merchandise. Each space is $150, aprox 20’x20’ and will include a pass good for one (1) vehicle and two (2) spectators.. Any additional tickets can be purchased at the front gate for $10 each. All vendors will be let in between 5:30am and 6:30am to be given time to set-up their Display. No vendors in after 6:30am.

The Phoenix Club is very limited on space, so we will have limited room for both Vendors and Swappers.


 Car Show Info 

Eligible vehicles for the Treffen include:

  • 1961 and earlier Beetles and Buses

  • 1959 and earlier Karmann Ghias

  • 1961 and earlier Coachbuilts

  • 1961 and earlier Military Vehicles 

  • Porsche 356 A and pre-A Vehicles

The So-Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to the first 200 cars registered. This event in particular is specifically for 1961 and earlier "Small Taillight"  Beetles and Buses, 1959 and earlier "low light" Karmann Ghias, WWII Military and early VW Coachbuilts. Because of our limited room at the Phoenix Club, we have to limit the vehicle count to 200. If there are spots available after pre-registration closes, we will take entries the day of the event until our maximum capacity is reached.  

**For the Southern California Vintage VW Treffen we offer two levels of entry**

$60 Deluxe Entry: This will get in both driver and one passenger. (must be riding along in the car) For your Deluxe Entry you will be included in the "Participant Judged" portion of the event and receive the "Wolfsburg West Goodie Bag" including the limited edition, numbered car badge and dash plaque. If you have entered in a previous Treffen event and would like the same number as before, that can be arranged. Also, the vehicles picked to park in the Beer Garden and Festal-Tent will be chosen from our Deluxe Entries only. Deluxe entries will also have the option to load in early on Saturday afternoon between 3pm and 6pm and pre-stage their vehicles.
There will be 24hr Security overnight at the Phoenix Club
*No camping Saturday evening at the Phoenix Club*

$20 Standard Entry: These entries will be sold at the gate, on the morning of the event, as space allows. Standard entry participants will be able to park inside on the grass along with all the other early vehicles. The Standard entry is for the person who wants to show up and park inside, but not necessarily interested in receiving any of the limited edition goodies. Be advised that there will be limited Standard entries based on the number of pre-registered Deluxe entries
*Standard entries will not be included in the judged portion of the car show*

No outside Food or Drinks (including alcohol) allowed inside the Phoenix Club.
Please leave your coolers at home and use the provided Concession stands.

No show trailers will be allowed inside the Phoenix Club facility at any time. We are very limited on parking, so if you plan on towing a vehicle, please make arrangements ahead of time to store your truck and trailer offsite.


Your last chance to pre-register will be on Saturday afternoon at the Phoenix Club. 
We will open up registration on site between 3pm and 6pm.


 Each "Deluxe Entry" participant will receive a judging card to fill out and return to the car show registration booth. You are to vote for one car in each class except the class you are registered in. A first place and runner-up award will be given out for each class along with a few specialty awards to be determined later. 

 Show Classes

A1   Split Window - 1949 and earlier
A2   Split Window - 1950 to October 1952
A3   Split Window - “Zwitter” Oct ’52 to March ‘53
A4   Split Window - Convertible (including Karmann and hebmuller)
B1   Oval Window sedan - April 1953 – 1955
B2   Oval Window sedan - 1956 – 1957
B3   Oval Window Sunroof - All Years
B4   Oval Window Convertible - All Years
C1   Beetle Sedan - 1958-1961
C2   Beetle Sunroof - 1958-1961
C3   Beetle Convertible - 1958-1961
D1   Karmann Ghia Coupe and Convertible - 1959 and earlier
E1   Bus Passenger - Barndoor - Feb 55' and earlier
E2   Bus Commercial - Barndoor - Feb 55' and earlier
E3   Bus Passenger - March 55' - 1961
E4   Bus Commercial - March 55' - 1961
F1   Unrestored - Beetle, Bus, Ghia 
G1   Coachbuilt - pre' 1962
G2   Porsche 356 A and earlier
G3   Military - pre' 1962

Plus special awards for:
Oldest Vehicle
- Longest Distance Traveled
- Best Original Vehicle
- Best Advertising Bus
- Best Display
- Best Outlaw
- "Kircher" Memorial award picked by the Event Promoter

 2017 "Deluxe" Entries - 167 Total  

Last First City St. Year Make/Model
Albrecht John Alturas Ca 1961 Bus - Double Cab
Alvarez Art San Clemente Ca 1955 Porsche Speedster
Arbelaz Juan     1953 Beetle
Arredondo Alex Chino Hills Ca 1952 Beetle
Baca Humberto Los Angeles Ca 1960 Bus - Double Cab
Baca Humberto Los Angeles Ca 1957 Beetle - Kabriolet
Baca Humberto Los Angeles Ca 1959 Porsche 356A
Banuelos Gilbert Apple Valley Ca 1957 Beetle - Sunroof
Batchelder Norm Newport Beach Ca 1956 Beetle
Batchelder Norm Newport Beach Ca 1957 Beetle - Kabriolet
Beecher Steve Huntington Beach Ca 1947 Beetle
Benn Jamie Anaheim hills Ca 1951 Beetle
Berg Dee Orange Ca 1951 Beetle
Blackwell Kurt Inglewood Ca 1957 Beetle
Bliss Michael Santa Clara Ca 1954 Beetle - Sunroof
Bogard Tobin Huntington Beach Ca 1956 Beetle
Buford Andy Tusitn Ca. 1961 Bus - Deluxe
Buford Andy Tusitn Ca. 1956 Porsche 356A
Calkins Logan Vista Ca. 1955 Bus - Single Cab
Campos Ray Anaheim Ca 1957 Bus - Panel
Canchola Anthony San Pedro Ca 1957 Bus
Carlson Randy Aguanga Ca 1958 Kaiserslautern Coachbuilt
Carlson Randy Aguanga Ca 1951 Beetle
Carr Clay Costa Mesa Ca 1958 Beetle - Sunroof
Ceja Jose Santa Ana Ca 1953 Beetle
Chapin Kevin Orange Ca 1958 Bus - Single Cab
Clark Rick Salinas Ca. 1961 Bus - Single Cab
Clifford Gary Fresno Ca. 1951 Beetle
Conklin Brian Orange Ca 1955 Beetle
Covington Donovan Whittier Ca 1956 Beetle
Dannan Gene Las Vegas Nv 1954 Beetle
Daugherty John Yorba Linda Ca 1957 Beetle - Sunroof
De La Torre Alexis Wilmington Ca 1957 Bus
De La Torre Alexis Wilmington Ca 1960 Bus
Delao James Westminster Ca 1958 Karmann Ghia
DeLeon Eddie     1950 Beetle - Kabriolet
Deleon Hugo Moorpark Ca 1955 Beetle
Donbroske Keith Orange Ca 1961 Beetle
Dorman William Laguna Woods Ca 1961 Beetle
Duncan David Trabuco Canyon Ca 1956 Beetle
Dunlap Ethan     1961 Beetle - Sunroof
Echrverria Salvador Wildomar Ca 1958 Bus - Panel
Elo Laszlo Port Hueneme Ca 1952 Beetle
Epperly Daniel San Diego Ca 1958 Bus - Standard
Espinoza Frank Westminster Ca 1955 Beetle - Kabriolet
Fall Ed Salt Lake City Ut 1958 Beetle - Sunroof
Ferreira Jacin San Jose Ca 1958 Bus - Deluxe
Fiedler Bert Whittier Ca 1957 Karmann Ghia
Fleming Ron Yorba Linda Ca 1960 Beetle - Sunroof
Flores Marco Los Angeles Ca 1954 Beetle - Kabriolet
Fox Penelope Tustin Ca 1957 Beetle - Kabriolet
Frain Lee Newport Beach Ca 1955 Beetle
Galvan Eddie Redondo Beach Ca 1960 Beetle - Kabriolet
Garibay Richard Santa Ana Ca 1959 Beetle - Sunroof
Gaylord Douglas San Diego Ca 1955 Bus - Deluxe
Giai Pascal San Diego Ca 1958 Porsche Speedster
Gilmore Max Santa Ana Ca 1961 Beetle - Sunroof
Granados Shawn Fillmore Ca 1959 Beetle - Kabriolet
Grant Jeff Mission Viejo Ca 1953 Beetle
Greenfield Jim Buena park Ca 1951 Beetle
Guerra Allison     1955 Bus
Guerra Allison     1949 Hebmuller
Guzman Robert Los Angeles Ca 1954 Beetle
Harsen Alan Hacienda Heights Ca 1954 Beetle - Sunroof
Henderson Chris Fallbrook Ca 1956 Bus - Panel
Hendry Scott Santa Ana Ca 1969 Notchback
Herrera Shawn San Jose Ca 1959 Karmann Ghia Convertible
Herrick Chris Roseville Ca 1956 Beetle
Holland Derek Yorba Linda Ca 1954 Beetle
Hubbard Mark Yorba Linda Ca 1958 Beetle
Johnson Thomas Long Beach Ca 1957 Beetle - Sunroof
Johnson Rick Anaheim hills Ca 1955 Beetle - Kabriolet
Johnson Rick Anaheim hills Ca 1956 Porsche Speedster
Jones Dwayne Riverside Ca 1959 Karmann Ghia
Kee Lloyd Danville Ca 1950 Hebmuller
Keesling Pete San Martin Ca 1943 Schwimmwagen
Kimball Richard Tustin Ca 1957 Beetle - Sunroof
Kimball Andy Fullerton Ca 1957 Bus - Panel
Kircher Wendy Brush Prairie Wa 1948 Beetle
Kloss John Chino Hills Ca 1955 Bus - Shorty
Kroesen David Calabasas Ca 1959 Porsche 356A
Kyllingstad Steve Cypress Ca 1955 Beetle
Lazenby John Garden Grove Ca 1960 Sedan
Leach Mike Houston Tx 1952 Hebmuller
Lee Evan Redlands Ca 1957 Bus - Standard
Leininger Rusty Ontario Ca 1956 Beetle
Lewis Henry Pasadena Ca 1957 Bus - Deluxe
Litchie Rick Santa Ana Ca 1956 Beetle - Sunroof
Lo Gudice Jim Litchfield Park Az. 1951 Beetle - Kabriolet
Lo Gudice Jim Litchfield Park Az. 1952 Beetle - Kabriolet
Logan Kristina Menifee Ca 1957 Beetle
Long DeAnn Oceanside Ca 1957 Beetle
Makepeace Steve Costa Mesa Ca 1951 Beetle
Malamut Mike Thousand Oaks Ca 1951 Porsche
Malamut Mike Thousand Oaks Ca 1945 Beetle
Malamut Mike Thousand Oaks Ca 1952 Beetle - Kabriolet
Martinez Ron Whittier Ca 1954 Beetle
Martinez Demetricus Lakewood Ca 1960 Beetle - Sunroof
Mataja Bata     1949 Hebmuller
McFarland Spencer Huntington Beach Ca 1954 Beetle
Mercado Richard Whittier Ca 1951 Beetle
Mercado Richard Whittier Ca 1955 Beetle
Merrill Mark Atherton Ca. 1950 Beetle - Kabriolet
Mohr Tom Clovis Ca 1960 Bus - Camper
Mond Joe Dubuque Ia 1951 Bus - Deluxe
Moore Tony and Carla Corona Ca 1956 Bus - Single Cab
Moreno Rossy Tiajuana Mx 1954 Beetle - Kabriolet
Morris Richie Fullerton Ca 1961 Bus - Camper
Mortimer Willie Newport Or. 1942 Kubelwagen
Nguyen Paul Corona Ca 1951 Beetle
Niedernhofer Tom East Garrison Ca 1955 Beetle
Nolan Rick Long Beach Ca 1953 Beetle
Oglevie Scott Orange Ca 1955 Bus - Barndoor Panel
Orea Ruben Los Angeles Ca 1955 Beetle
Orozco Miguel Santa Ana Ca 1961 Beetle
Ouwersloot Erik Montrose Ca 1958 Enzman 506
Overman Jeff Corona Ca 1954 Beetle
Overman Jeff Corona Ca 1956 Beetle - Sunroof
Pang Ivan Los Angeles Ca 1953 Beetle
Parsons Eric Valley Village Ca 1958 Beetle
Parsons Eric Valley Village Ca 1961 Bus - Singlecab
Paterson Chris Newbury Park Ca 1958 Bus - PGSG
Perry Chip Santa Monica Ca 1959 Porsche - Convertible D
Perry Chip Santa Monica Ca 1959 Porsche - Carrera
Perry Chip Santa Monica Ca 1958 Karmann Ghia Convertible
Perry Chip     1953 Beetle
Peters Jan Mountain View Ca 1955 Bus
Phillips Gerry Laguna Beach Ca 1952 Beetle
Phillips Gerry Laguna Beach Ca 1958 Porsche Speedster
Pipoly Dave Long Beach Ca 1952 Beetle
Rick Larry Glendora Ca 1955 Beetle
Ritch Kimble Lake Forest Ca 1954 Beetle
Ritch Kimbel     1944 Kubelwagen
Robertson Casey Buena Park Ca 1960 Double Cab
Rosa Shaun Long Beach Ca 1955 Bus - 23 Window
Ruiz Luis Lancaster Ca 1959 Bus - Double Cab
Ruiz Joe Newport Beach Ca 1959 Karmann Ghia
Ruiz Miguel Monrovia Ca 1951 Beetle
Santaella Lou Laguna Niguel Ca 1959 Beetle
Schmit Sebastien Temecula Ca 1957 Beetle - Sunroof
Schuler Karl Laguna Beach Ca 1950 Hebmuller
Schuler Karl Laguna Beach Ca 1952 Beetle - Sunroof
Schuler Karl Laguna Beach Ca 1953 Beetle
Serrano Richard San Ysidro Ca 1957 Beetle
Shaw David Anaheim Ca 1952 Beetle
Sowersby Bob Irvine Ca 1953 Beetle
Spohn Rick San Martin Ca 1949 Hebmuller
Stahr Greg Tustin Ca 1954 Beetle - Sunroof
Stanley Brian Anaheim Ca 1961 Beetle
Stuart Scott San Bernardino Ca 1957 Beetle
Tanner John Valencia Ca 1961 Bus - Camper
Thompson Alx Mexico City Mx 1952 Beetle
Tillery Troy Laguna Hills Ca 1950 Beetle
Valdepena Chris Santa Ana Ca 1962 Beetle
Vancil Eliot     1949 Hebmuller
Vargas Eddie Los Angeles Ca 1954 Beetle - Sunroof
Vasquez Sergio Chula Vista Ca 1955 Bus - DD Panel RHD
Vasquez Tiger Santa Ana Ca 1960 Beetle
Velis Robert Glendale Ca. 1950 Beetle - Kabriolet
Velis Robert Glendale Ca. 1951 Beetle
Wagner Tim Redlands Ca 1951 Beetle
Wallace Todd     1960 Beetle
Warner Mark Mission Viejo Ca 1955 Beetle
Watanabe Shin Tustin Ca 1958 Beetle
Williams Ron Fullerton Ca 1961 Bus - 23 window
Zumstein Michelle Stanton Ca 1958 Beetle



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